The Sounds of Africans Trapped in India

For this episode, Sneha visits the Siddi community, also known as the Habshi community of Karnataka. By legend, these particular Siddis are descended from Mozambican and Ethiopian slaves, brought to India by the Portugese. During the 'Goan Inquisition' they were either freed or they escaped from Portugese ships. This Afro-Indian community is spread along the Gujarat-Karnataka belt on the west of India.

The Siddis still retain some cultural traits of their African roots. Their music is heavily percussive. Yet, at the core, they are Indian, speaking its languages, influencing its culture, and adding fresh perspective to the idea of a multicultural society within this country. It is this Indian, yet inherently foreign sound, that Sneha went in search of.

And I'm looking for Sneha Khanwalkar everywhere. I first listened to her music watching Gangs of Wasseypur. Next, I found her soundtrack for Oye Lucky, which movie I've not seen. Here in this series, Sound Trippin for MTV, she teases music from out of the thousands of sounds of India.

I'm finding love for things Indian that I've had a distaste for, thanks to Sneha. Ah, the things that art can do!