This Ugadi morning, I made resolutions, and I prayed for some strengths I've been missing. Then I realized that I'd made the same resolutions last Ugadi, and I'd asked for the same blessings.

Later in the evening, I went to the terrace to see the moon; Sujaya joined me, and we called Yashas. He was immersed in cricket on television, so he came up with less than half a mind, looked up and saw no moon and went back down. Sujaya and I lingered awhile. There was a haze up there in the sky, but the stars were shining straight through — many stars but not the moon. Only a sliver of the moon would have been out, and only for a while, and we missed it.

By belief, a moon-sighting on Ugadi day would have brought a year's load of luck. Fortunately, a warmth within and all the excitement without tell me we'll be fine.

Image: Unsplash; Kym MacKinnon