Arun Nayar, of whom we know very less in these parts, married Elizabeth Hurley, of whom we’ve known not much more. But the papers thrust the news so much down our throat recently, we’ve now a case of indigestion. To their wedding, the pair invited one newspaper, the one which offered the winning sum for the rights. The other papers weren’t invited, but they went anyway. The guards stopped them, and they tried to push their way through, and the tussle became international news. And now, those that were turned out are badly miffed.

Today, on the front pages of the papers and also inside, they are saying Arun Nayar isn’t as wealthy as presumed. They say he flashed before foreign women when he was about twenty; and that Elizabeth Hurley paid for the wedding. So, these papers say, Mr Nayar is in truth, Mr Hurley.

I wonder: Did Nayar ever tell the papers how rich he was? Did he tell them he was going to get married? Was it he who flashed the bride at them? Probably not. Nayar is perhaps merely paying the celebrity tax.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash