Take Your Time

On Thursday, employees of government-run bus services went on strike. They were supported by half the tuk-tuks in town. That's it. Private buses plied, and the tuk-tuks that ran took extra business. Nobody complained. It was May Day on Friday yesterday, of course. With the unexpected closure on Thursday and the public holiday of yesterday it's a very long weekend, indeed, and a good number of people have left the city. The streets are quiet. Starbucks is free of small and big builders discussing drawings and sketches prices and khata certificates.

It's the time I like Bangalore almost as much as in the past.

The purpose of the strike was to protest the announcement of steep fines if a vehicle is in a crash, steeper fines if it runs over somebody, and even costlier penalties if the victim is a child. All penalties are compounded by time in jail. The protest couldn't have ended in success, but everybody welcomed it so as to stretch the weekend.

"Take your time," I'm calling out to the holiday makers.