Here I am, back again…

It is the time of the yellow flowers. Only traces of the pale purple jacaranda remain, and the flaming red Gulmohars will soon be upon us, but right now we have the yellow Peltophorums and the golden Tabebuias. In a good number of streets, the flame-of-the-forest are in bloom, but they're shy in spite of their fair numbers, and their crimson blush is overwhelmed by the bullish yellows of the others that abound about them. And, early in the morning, the Honge fall in a constant patter on speed-walkers and joggers. The tiny flowers with their curvy paper-petals have every main street and side street covered with sheets of their fallen, and their fragrance wafts about, now subtle and now strong. It doubles the pleasure of the morning hours.


A somnolence that descended upon me a year ago has risen and gone, not bidding me good-bye as it went, retreating with slow steps and never showing its back to me. It has left my mind's eye blinking as though I've come out of being blind. I'm glad at its departure, but I'll not cheer, sobered as I am by a year spent in gray. But I'm celebrating in a way, seeing light via the camera, making pictures in black & white, low-key pictures dominated by deep blacks, the whites very bright.

It's going to be some time before I'm ready for color.

We had a good winter--the Bangalore winter--with a chill in which you didn't need a sweater in the evening nor outer-wear for early-morning running and speed-walking. So the heat and the haze that is now upon us has us in a breathless daze. In this time office-goers who have air conditioning in their transportation and in their offices are fine, but the rest are fuming, and fretting, and in this mood the big election is upon us, and it's an election like none other in the past, when every citizen is firm regarding the outcome they desire--even if the pollsters are cocksure that things will go exactly to their forecast.

I am back in the cafes.

The asphalt has cracked in the heat in the streets, and this is the time to close them, before the monsoons arrive, but it is not allowed to take decisions in the election season, and after the elections are over the new government will have to consider its composition before it determines priorities and makes decisions. It's not going to be easy, and that's how governance will be for a long time in our country which is bound to coalition politics in the medium term. In the meantime, though the left parties are floundering with causes that have gathered wrinkles and are no more romantic, unions led by them have upped their red flags: The city is witnessing a sudden surge in strikes and lockouts.

I'm just fine, in the midst of all this.

I've self-exiled myself to my homeland, for until June next year. I'm getting back to writing, and I told you here above that I've started making pictures. So there'll be posts on this blog again, at least thrice every month. I bid you to please come back. In the meantime, thanks for dropping by, and many cheers--wherever you are.

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