bird feed

Today, at twitter:

In a tweet, Mr. Omar Abdullah asks with implicit humor: "Why? Why? Why do film stars have this uncontrollable urge to wear sun glasses at night?" To which I dispatched my own inconsequential toot, because, I thought, what idiosyncrasy does the film star see among the ilk of which Mr. Abdullah is part?

All in jest, of course, but his micro-post brings also to mind the bus conductor who will complain of his private travails with the power transmission department, and the lineman of the power department who faults the postal service, all of whom have much to say regarding what it costs to get work done in the sub-registrar's office, all of whom all together have much to tell to the non-movers in the municipal corporation.

The one in jest, and all else in sheer disgust, but all, however, serving to soothe the mind a bit. It is good to talk tweet.