Paris, ho!

The Little Black Book of Paris

I've been active, but I have little to report. After a spell of vagabonding I am again going to work and am staying until late, and when I am home I am content to read a bit and sleep. Can I not make notes of the things I see on the street? Of the things that strike my senses? Well, I didn't write down that the traffic at nine last night was no less than the traffic in the morning, and we reached home nearly at eleven. Not also that I have a sore throat; that the days are chilly and they are also warm; and so wet the buildings are soaked and miserable behind plants that sport a snobbish afterglow having necked nightlong with the rain. The streets rock me, but not in the way the young mean it.

A friend once asked me why I don't write out of my experience in business. Ha! to him. And a blogger group is asking members—I am one—to campaign through blog posts for regulation of chlorine-use in water treatment. Anna Hazare will be in Bangalore for two days from today and I may go to hear him and watch the crowds tomorrow. I am not moved myself but I am grateful that the young are gung ho. Ho! to them.

I'm going to Paris mid-June, to attend the Paris Air Show. The travel will begin with dinner hosted by a customer in a place that needs guests to carry the customer's invitation-card along with ID. A new business acquaintance from Italy will introduce his board of directors so that we may consider a partnership. A French businessman who visited us today will give me dinner on a boat with his boss. He has offered to give me a helicopter ride to demonstrate the working of the night goggles in a chopper. I'm not tempted; machines depress me; but business is important; so I've accepted his invitation.

After business is done I will move to an ordinary hotel on rue Danton, near the big spots. I chose the hotel for the name of the street on which it stands. The weather should be good. I have ordered on Amazon for the Little Black Book of Paris, and for the Streetwise Paris Map, both to go loafing with me for three days from morning until very late. I'll carry also A Moveable Feast and my M9 LEICA with three lenses.