worrying for a school for my leaders…

The Raffles Institution shows off its produce. This picture I have borrowed without permission.

It occurred to me that if I view our current affairs like I would a movie, then I'd be entertained by these happenings around me, which would otherwise pull me down into depression.

Kumaraswamy helped Sreeramulu win by not fielding a JD(S) candidate. After his victory Sreeramulu is throwing glances at the JD(U) in Karnataka, agreeing with them that he can revive and reinvigorate their party, and we can guess that if he cannot own the whole of that party, then he'd surely purchase all its strings. He has asked to speak to Nitish Kumar on the subject. If Sreeramulu should join the JD (U), and if Kumaraswamy should stay on in support of Sreeramulu, you'd have three men in a centrifuge bed, which when it stops its flight will send the three men flying. Who will bite the dust? Who will land on his feet? The good? The bad? The ugly?

No, the vision of that doesn't lift my spirits.

I need also to deal with the bad press regarding this superpower that has stalled, having to read of it daily, when it is already hurtful enough to experience the tugging from the slowdown. But I've begun to take it rather well, and, in fact, I was thinking only two days ago why economies should grow so much, and if all the developed and developing nations and their alpha achievers shouldn't cool down a bit. No, please don't laugh at me.

I read a report in the papers that our billionaires are “sick and tired” of our leaden government and are shifting base to London or Singapore. I've been thinking ahead of these rich men, pondering that I should do just the same, and I’m annoyed that billionaires stamp their large feet everywhere, including on the plans of others. The papers seem to sympathize with them, but I ask, of what sort is the businessman who will flee his country when it encounters its first potholes on its growth path? Fair weather friend? Does it matter no more where he made his first billions? Ah, let's both laugh at my naïveté, dear reader.

Let me admit it, I have to beat down at least thrice daily the urge to leave this place. Many times during the day the faces of the probables who'll be chief minister flash in my mind—and I shudder at them. Why don’t a few good men and women who came into business in the last decade enter also into politics? At least a few like Mitt Romney in America, said to be worth $200 million, who is fighting among Republicans for the chance to take on Obama? Romney is willingly having his outward existence and all his innards clawed at by the American media, and the media has also examined his height and weight and gait and demeanor to know whether they're each one of a presidential standard. The man is standing tall through it all, even if a little naked.

I have in hand a piece by an English High Master who rues that Britons shy now from having Eton create prime ministers for their nation, for that great institution is considered elitist, but which was Eton's clear task in its historic past. Look at Singapore, the educationist points to the old colony, look at the Raffles Institution, and see how they are working to produce their next prime minister, and the other terrific leaders Singapore needs for its unfaltering forward march. I envy the high master his worry. Our worries here at home are somewhat short of that class.