Lennon with Gandhi?

Mind Games, John LennonI took Mind Games and Imagine and Plastic Ono along with me in the car yesterday. I don't like it, how Lennon foists Yoko on his fans, even if in a nice jingle. Also, I like the song but not the spat with Paul. But of course, artists take their private passions public. Van Gogh put a candle on his chair. I've not seen a portrait of Maude Gonne, but I quite liked her in Yeats's verses. They, and so many more, are all in my consciousness, and I am comfortable with them, but I wish to evict Yoko with my arm full out and my forefinger taut and straight. I have to find out why.

Will someone start a campaign to give Chapman a chance? He has been punished long enough, and no one doubts that he was deranged when he killed Lennon. Lennon above might approve Chapman's release here below, but who among us can tell? They string Lennon's name with world peace and love and King and Gandhi. Gandhi's words when he was shot were "hé Ram," having resigned himself "to a violent end that he had foreseen as his inevitable destiny." Lennon lay gathered in Yoko's arms, and said, collapsing, "help me."

But there is similarity between Gandhi and Lennon at least in numbers, in that both men have moved millions, in life and death.

While puzzling at the Americans for prolonging Chapman's incarceration, and at Lennon's fans for none of them showing courage to press for Chapman's release, I realized we hanged Godse for Gandhi. Then, I checked this morning and discovered that Nehru opposed the hanging. And two sons of Gandhi argued bitterly against it. To no avail. Nathuram's act was in January; he was brought to trial in May; the sentence was handed down in November; the hanging was carried out the following week. A tragedy that began in the beginning of 1948, ended with another in end of 1948.