K.V. Subbanna

Ramachandra Guha speaks at a DeshaKaala event on K.V. SubbannaRamachandra Guha took his stance (he loves cricket) two paces away from the mike, and bent this way and that to animate every point he wished to make. He held Subbanna’s book and waved it about and searched the pages often, and confidently, and once searched longer than other times and I grew nervous he’d fail to find the piece he wished to quote. He came in smooth and clear, and was endearing. URA spoke from a depth in his throat of Gorky and Shakespeare and Dante and others whom he and Subbanna read in the far fathoms of their youth when their lives (and souls) were entwined. He and Guha and Ashish Nandy each spoke of the Parivar, and the silence in the auditorium held, though some in the packed hall of Ravindra Kalakshetra would surely have been from that flock. Ashish Nandy’s call to preserve the forces of dissent met with assent all round, I think, because every ear was tuned to him till he finished, to a hearty applause.

I have spent the week thinking of Subbanna: it seems that if you concentrate well enough on the atom, you comprehend the universe.