to Mauritius

mauritius-map.jpgI like to enjoy the sea without getting my hands and feet wet (though I can swim a little, in freestyle, the breast stroke, and I'd once succeeded to do the butterfly). Of course, once my hands and feet are wet I go all the way, but I try hard to be dry. I like that air in my nostrils, too, and I stand for long on the shore in the morning and at night after dinner. I'll have plenty of air to relish in Mauritius. I like to walk, endlessly, and in Central Mauritius I'll have opportunities for long hikes. I like strolling in old town-centers with architecture foisted by foreign masters—Mauritius promises French colonial. I'll see Indians and Chinese in a different setting; and Africans in theirs—I'll hear them all in Creole. It's my very first visit to Mauritius and I begin Monday night.

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