A wedding, and some sour grapes

Arun Nayar, of whom we know very less, married Elizabeth Hurley, of whom we know not much more. But the papers thrust the news so much at us these recent days, we heard and heard their names. To their wedding the pair invited one paper, the one which paid a large sum for the rights to cover the show. The other papers weren’t invited, still they went. The guards stopped them, so they attempted to crash in, and their tussle became international news. Today, on the front pages and also inside, the papers are saying Arun Nayar isn’t as rich as earlier presumed. They say he flashed before foreign women when he was about twenty; and that Elizabeth Hurley paid for the wedding, so Nayar is Mr. Hurley. Did Nayar tell these papers he was rich? Did he announce his wedding to them? Did he invite them who were bounced? The papers aren’t telling.

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