asked for it …

Dwarfed mechanical devices stood ominously at the foot of the old trees that rimmed the golf-course where the Kumara Krupa Road sweeps into Sankey Road. That was last week, and the next day the trees were gone — a view that rooted out the belief that Bangalore is still the best Indian city to live in.

A vast baldness is the new vista but all is not lost: turn a whole round and drive in an upward spiral into the Windsor Manor and sit where they're now serving Guinness and Irish Lager and turn the mind inward and when time comes to attend to the effects of the beer, know that the restrooms are open that were a long time closed for renovation.

The bowls are set in a stylish arc and mounted above them are sleek tv monitors that are framed in old-style wood with gilded edges and while you are at it men and women of CNN talk world news to you, eye to eye, two feet in front of the face. Luxury lifestyle is seeping into Bangalore.

I am among those who’ve been clamoring for infrastructure for this city. I must mutely watch the inexorable mutilation of it.