Phuket weather, Thailand climate and practical information guide

I'm leaving for Phuket now, with a short stopover at Singapore to pick up some essentials. The weather in Phuket is warmer than in Bangalore. I'll know how it feels to run there soon. Thais are celebrating their king's sixty years rule: all are wearing yellow in his honor. Grand events are planned. The weather guide offers its words of comfort. It appears to be a good time to go there.

Link: Phuket weather, Thailand climate and practical information guide.

This quickly gives way to cooler temperatures and rain showers from late May until November (the monsoon season). Visiting Phuket in the monsoon season has lots of advantages. Temperatures average a comfortable 29/30C (88-90F) and light warm winds make sightseeing tours very pleasant. During the monsoon season, it doesn't rain every day! The usual weather pattern is for short dramatic showers, with plenty of sunshine in between, providing an opportunity to chat with the locals while you're waiting for the rain to pass. June, July and August are particularly pleasant.

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