Phuket Downtown 1

It began to rain, so I hurried to the Fountain Circle and asked the waitress at the coffee shop to please get me a cab. We chatted for the ten minutes I had to wait. Every customer is important now in the low season, she told me. She spoke of poverty at home on the Malaysian border; her university degree; her struggle to make money in Phuket; the futility of it, because all she earned, Phuket took back through high rent and other costs. But, she said, my king has an idea to make cheap fuel from vegetable oil and thus reduce costs overall. Right now, in her opinion, it is best to go abroad for work but it is difficult to get a visa because Thai girls make trouble everywhere. I searched her face, and saw only earnestness. It was in the morning that I drank half of an overly strong cappuccino in her place which has a superb ambience and very nice pictures, especially one of her king and queen with Elvis Presley. Then as now, I was the only customer. A Japanese gentleman stood in the street and peered at the menu board; she and her two colleagues in the deep dark inside ignored him and he went. Take care, she called, as I entered the cab.