Sujaya has been bristling that they planned his marathon run in Bangalore. She even sent a letter of protest to The Times of India.

She is away shopping with Yashas and I am sitting here learning GoLive with the television on before me. She would be happy with what they announced just now: The kid won’t run here. The police commissioner said in halting broken Kannada that there is a potential danger to the boy’s health and much controversy, so they’ll not permit it.

So the coach had the boy run some distance in a park full of spectators. Little Budhdhia runs bobbing his head, swaying it sideways with each step. He has a quick step and the appealing bounce of a small boy. The spectators and the many photographers crouching by the bushes looked silly. I felt the pleasure that comes when one sees a kid surpassing his age and, noticing the pleasure, felt confused.

I don’t know whether it is right that he should run and probably become a great star; or whether he should not run and hence avoid potential risk to his health. This I know: we shouldn’t make him run for our pleasure.

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