Raj Kumar

It is not about acting. It is the concept that Raj Kumar was: an ideal as son, brother, husband, friend. For the poor of Karnataka, he personified this ideal on screen. Off screen, at each opportunity, he told them he was one of them; he spoke of his love for them each time he appeared in public. Because he worked in only Kannada films, they believed him. And the millions of poor of Karnataka took from him, (or from their concept of him,) what they craved more even than food: self-respect.

One who has not sometime been poor could not possibly understand the depth of their loss.

The state could have been more respectful of them by making better arrangements; a whole night was available; so many years were available for anticipation of this day. You cannot beat the poor into good behavior. It is sad, but true: in the end, they can only get violent against the apathetic for expression.