Land for industry…

Cleave the land at Electronics City just an inch and it opens red like a healthy wound; so fertile it is. The saplings we planted when we built our factories there are tall trees now. And there in Hassan our newly acquired piece of land bears the marks of farming done until yesterday. It must have been a green carpet before the government took it over for conversion to an industrial park.

We are happy to have such land, but not without a pang of guilt. India lacks arable land. When the number of mouths to feed is rising, is it alright to shrink arable land further? I am no economist, they say there is no shortage of food production, yet the math doesn’t work out. One shudders at the scale of loss with the booming construction everywhere. The right thing, it appears, is to pick abundantly available infertile land for factory buildings and software campuses. Business can raise enough money for Israel-style greening, or similar, for lawns and gardens on its campus.

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