About Bush and some birds

It didn’t go like it went for Clinton who had every Indian eating off his hand. There were many demonstrations, but Bush, Manmohan Singh, the industry, the stock exchange, the newspapers yesterday and today morning, all radiated an afterglow that showed they have not paid serious attention to the protests. On the part of India, one side did the deal, the other side did the protests, both sides claimed great success and all are very satisfied. Bush beamed so much; I couldn’t believe he could keep up a face like that: he never smirked.


In the morning, here by my home, birds held their daily parliament. Some small birds proposed a tweet tweet tweet, meeting with a dissenting twitter twitter twitter. But a quick drop of tweet tweet soon took care of that. While this healthy debate and consensus went repeating, the crows could bear the happy circumstance of the small birds no longer and one of their number broke in with a caaawwww. The twitter-tweet birds continued their commerce paying no attention. The remaining crows joined in, caawing all together: caaw, caaaww, caaaaawwwww. But they couldn’t sway the snobbish resolve of the small chaps, and their persevering cries only became background noise and they couldn’t get into the business. It appears some creatures can only protest and some will always have their way.