MG Road: a change for the better?

The Bangalore Metro project is announced and work has begun. The absence of dissent suggests all are happy with the decision; except me.

I come up on MG Road week-day mornings, turning round the cricket stadium, sailing right on to Anil Kumble square; mostly I am lucky and arrive when the lights are red. Seen from the height of the square, the entire length of the road is before me, straight until Brigade Road and bent slenderly after it. The promenade on the left is raised above the road; its embankment is lush green and overhung with red bougainvillea. Beside the promenade trees planted ages ago offer shade over the full stretch. On the right of the road some old buildings survive, their charm still with them. At seven the road is quiet and the gentle Bangalore Sun hangs above, angled to the right for one half of the year and to the left for the rest. When the lights change, and we race on over the beautiful old road, I have no frustration with Bangalore: I am full of love for it.

All this will change. Garish boards covering the embankment announced recently that the Bangalore Metro works are on. The news in the papers is that the Plaza Theatre will be a ticket office. A time table is set and promises are made. Even with some delay, the job will be done.

I'd have liked them to set up a New Bangalore some distance away, build the metros and tall buildings there, invite new businesses to go there, and let good things remain good. I wonder if anybody else feels the same.

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