Art of Living

Something profound is happening in Bangalore.

Heads of governments, senior politicians and businesspersons from all over the world, kings, princesses, holy men of all orders, hundreds of thousands of people from one hundred and fifty one nations have descended on Bangalore and occupied an airfield. There is order everywhere in the gathering. Their emotions are captured in a four-line speech a young guest from Saudi Arabia made:

Why am I here? I have two answers ---
The first: I don’t know
The second: I don’t want to know
We don’t need reasons…

At a time when bad news is even now reported from all corners of the world, this gathering - colossal even by Indian standards - has erupted in joy in a three-day celebration. It could have been a tame affair: the silver jubilee of the Art of Living Foundation, founded by a frail but ever-cheerful Bangalorean - Ravishankar. But it looks like a revolution that has gained critical mass.

He is raised to godhood now; they call him His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar, thrice exalting him every time they take his name.

Thousands of musicians are in performance, oriental and western. People are smiling so much their faces could be aching. No one seeing it is escaping getting caught up with it. They are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, believers, non-believers and they look like they have released all pain with one tired sigh, let go, and exploded joyously.