The soothing effect of prosperity (?)

They were promoting a new soft drink before HMV Store on Orchard Road. Teenagers were handing orange colored cans for free. Its name was blazt. A young man with a strip of a beard and a modern day haircut was playing songs and doing the promotion talk. He called it an Iraqi favorite and especially Saddam’s, punning on blast. The pedestrian-crossing is right there, and a young Chinese next to me doubled up, looking over at the speaker, spilling the free drink from his mouth as he stifled laughter. Many others felt it hilarious.

It was Christmas marketing time. All Singapore and its many visitors from around the world were busy buying. The bloody deaths by blasts in Iraq, and the utterly uncertain future that violence fosters are all mere television views here on CNN or BBC; they are like the scenes from the adventure movies that are on previews on large Panasonic flatscreens everywhere. Amidst all this opulence, among all that green, one does not feel the horrors of Iraq, or Darfur, or Kashmir: the dying appear funny and the illustrious Iraqis with their centuries of history look stupid. No one feels the need to look for causes, all are sated.